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Are we the only ones out there that never get tired of learning more about the Ukulele? As teachers, performers and Ukulele specialists of a combined 25 years, we both still get excited when we meet a player with a unique talent or if we see somebody com along and help to develop them into the player they always wanted to be. The Ukulele is a social instrument and we both live for that social element of exploration, discussion and learning.

You can do a lot with a few chords, a strum and a smile on your face and the Ukulele is undeniably a wonderful instrument for people of all sizes, shapes and ability levels.

The 'Ukes With' family is here to help you a number of different ways. If you like traditional one to one lessons then we are happy to help; Phil is an experienced teacher who can meet with you for private tuition via Zoom but this website was founded with the goal of offering something different to those that want to pick up and put down their studys on their own time.

Aside from Phil and conventional lessons - Alex is the founder of the site and one of the most recognisable Ukulele personalities on Youtube having produced weekly Ukulele comparison and demo videos for the Southern Ukulele Store for many years.

''I found after dabbling with some intermediate/advanced tutorial videos that many people were interested in developing different skill sets in their playing. I began by offering a fingerstyle Ukulele course in 2021 which has helped hundreds of players take that step up from a beginner to a proficient, seasoned player... We are continuing this with a Baritone DGBE course in 2022 and hopefully many more to come as we discover more about what players want to learn and strive to find the most digestible way for them to learn it.''

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When teaching I often found that the lesson time we set out was incompatible with particular people. Your average home music lesson happens in the evening, after school/work and either just before dinner or just after because you have scrambled to be ready in time. Also, you can easily end up paying for the same lesson several times if you struggle with course work or forget to practice... the beauty of the modern world of open University courses and youtube tutorials is that you can play around with a video a hundred times and pause it, there is no time limit and no sense of urgency which I believe is helpful in finding that magic bind with your musical instrument and makes for a better learning experience for many people.

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