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Am I the only one out there that never gets tired of learning more about the Ukulele? As a teacher, performer and ukulele specialist of nearly 20 years, I still get excited when I meet a player with a unique talent or if I see somebody come along and develop into the player they always wanted to be.

If you are here - you already love the ukulele. You can do a lot with a few chords, a strum and a smile on your face and the Ukulele is undeniably a wonderful instrument for people of all sizes, shapes and ability levels.

I had dabbled with online tutorials over the years as host of the Southern Ukulele Store Comparison videos and was always pleasantly surprised how many people out there wanted to learn more about my fingerpicking style. I had always felt like one to one lessons were not cost effective for the majority of learners, so I have instead taken these first steps towards bringing a network of fun, informative ukulele tuition to you however and whenever you want. Thank you in advance and here's to many more ukulele journeys together in the future.

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Fingerstyle Ukulele Taster Lesson

Fingerstyle Ukulele Low G Course


As a former teacher,  I often found that the lesson time we set out was incompatible with particular people. Your average home music lesson happens in the evening, after school/work and either just before dinner or just after because you have scrambled to be ready in time. Also, you can easily end up paying for the same lesson several times if you struggle with course work or forget to practice... the beauty of the modern world of open University courses and youtube tutorials is that you can play around with a video a hundred times and pause it, there is no time limit and no sense of urgency which I believe is helpful in finding that magic bind with your musical instrument and makes for a better learning experience for many people.

By setting up this website rather than using an existing platform, my hope is that over the next 5 years I can introduce different teachers with their own styles and techniques to work alongside me creating a hub of ukulele tutorials and content. That way, if you develop beyond one style of teaching we can have the next teacher line up ready to steer you in a new direction.