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DGBE - Baritone Ukulele for 'Uke Players'

If you already dabble with the Ukulele and have learned the basics in GCEA but, want to pick up a Baritone and get the most out of it then this course is for you.  The course runtime is 81 minutes, covers the complicated history of the Baritone, features 6 practical modules and comes with a PDF file/printout that accompanies each exercise.

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This Baritone course is aimed at the ability level of an experienced beginner looking to move on beyond the basics and up to an intermediate/advanced level. The course does make an attempt at the beginning to help bring an absolute beginner along with a strumming technique but some ukulele experience either on a Baritone or a standard uke is going to allow the student to get the best out of the accompanying exercises.

The rundown of exercises featured:

1) Baritone Ukulele history lesson

2) Serenading in E - taking your right hand technique from the very early steps of strumming to a strumming/picking hybrid technique. 

3) Ukulele a new way - a simple song to help you remember the transposition between GCEA chords and DGBE

4) Finding melody in the chord (as seen in the taster lesson)

5) Duo for one - finding space in a duet to strum and pick your baritone featuring accompanied Tenor Ukulele.

6) embrace the dark side - taking a look at a jazz pattern using Georgia on my Mind

6b) taking a look at chromatic chord progressions in jazz using Georgia on my mind

7) Final Showpiece - use your new tool box of skills to perfect and perform this piece of music.

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