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Low G - GCEA Fingerstyle Ukulele Course

This course is aimed at beginners/intermediate players looking to dive headfirst into fingerpicking and develop fingerstyle techniques. The course runtime is 72 minutes, covers the history of fingerstyle playing on ukulele, has 7 practical modules and comes with a PDF file/printout that accompanies each exercise.

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The first course I produced was my first fingerstyle ukulele course which aimed to break down and reconstruct the techniques I use when playing ukulele that get the most mileage out of your fretting hand performing the melody and teaching an increasingly difficult variety of fingerstyle techniques for your right hand.

The course is aimed at 'advanced beginners' or intermediate players looking to expand their existing skillset. 

1) fingerstyle ukulele history and the ukulele...

2) baby steps - taking the necessary steps to get your fingers walking and talking the right language

3) heartbeat of the song - using your thumb to find the pulse of your background picking

4) tense walk around the block - mastering the most common fingerpicking pattern

5) thumbing our way around - another example of 3 and 4

6) melody in the chord using just your thumb (sample lesson)

7) Final Showpiece - mastering a syncopated advanced level piece.

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