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Uke With Alex - 1oz Orange Oil Fingerboard Conditioner

Uke With Alex - 1oz Orange Oil Fingerboard Conditioner

SKU: Uwa-orangeoil

For a limited time only I am delighted to be able to offer a UK made bespoke musical instrument orange hydration oil suitable for rosewood and ebony fingerboards and bridges.

Orange oil is a fantastic alternative to more commonly available lemon oil and a small drop massaged into your fingerboard/bridge can rehydrate and replace the natural oils found in the wood leaving the instrument looking refreshed and better than ever.

The oil comes in a recyclable glass bottle with a handy dropper top to aide in application to your instrument. Only a tiny bit is needed and this 1oz bottle should last for many years.

For best results, apply the oil when restringing your instrument so that the strings dont get oily and massage into desired area with a clean microfiber cloth or your finger. Leave for 10-20 minutes and you should see instant results. Clean off any excess before proceeding with restringing your ukulele.

Only available to order for delivery in the UK and North America. Apologies to my friends in the EU and other parts of Europe.


Keep away from children, do not ingest and keep away from eyes. This liquid is highly concentrated and should be treated like other cleaning fluids.

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