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Ukes With Alex Baritone Low D DGBE Custom Ukulele Strings

Ukes With Alex Baritone Low D DGBE Custom Ukulele Strings

SKU: uwa-lowd

My first Ukulele was a baritone and all these years later, I find myself more interested in this size and the history behind it than the other corners of the Ukulele world. Working professionally with strings and Ukuleles for over a decade I have tried possibly every string on the market and always found that the balance between the wound strings and unwound strings was a bit off and as a result, it was harder than the other sizes to play a chord with satisfactory intonation or clarity. 


I developed some excellent strings with D'addario about 5 years ago for Southern Ukulele Store that solved this problem but they are a thick black nylon that only really suits Jazz and they are not quite to my own taste when playing in my band or recording my courses or sound samples. Having worked fruitfully with Rotosound the past 18 months on Tenor strings and having grown up playing on Rotosound classical guitar strings, I worked with the team at Rotosound to produce a string set with better tension for a Baritone. the results are two sets for different kinds of players. This listing is for the low D DGBE set. A silverwound string for the D and G with a nylon core and the B and E are now slightly thicker and higher tension monofilament nylon like my other Ukes With Alex strings. The result is glorious and I am confident if you get the chance to try these strings you will agree.


The contents of the packaging includes a full set of 4 strings, an information leaflet and a sticker (sticker may vary). Where possible I use only recyclable packaging.

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