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Ukes With Alex E to E Guitalele Strings

Ukes With Alex E to E Guitalele Strings

SKU: Cl3

Now the title is a bit misleading there... these are not technically Ukes With Alex strings but instead my favourite classical guitar strings to use on Guitaleles to achieve E to E tuning...

The Guitalele is an instrument surrounded in mystique so let me debunk some of the confusion out there. Knowledge is power and once you know what you are looking for here I know you are going to obsess over these strings like I have...

Guilele A to A

A Guilele is a Tenor Ukulele sized 6 string guitar traditionally tuned A to A. The popular Guileles out there like the Yamaha GL1, Baton Rouge, Ortega and Harley Benton Guileles are sometimes incorrectly called Guitaleles. They have a shorter 17'' scale and as a result will only work in G to G tuning or A to A tuning. The strings here will work in those tunings.


A Guitalele is a Baritone Ukulele sized guitar. They can be tuned anywhere from E to E up as high as A to A. These strings work best in standard guitar tuning and that is my preference when playing popular Guitaleles like the Kanile'a GL6, Islander GL6, Flight GUT850 or Flight Carabao Guitaleles.

The Rotosound CL3 are a Spanish guitar/Flamenco/Classical Guitar set with a slightly thicker string gauge and higher tension... perfect here for trying to get the lowest note possible out of a small scale guitar.

I love these... give them a try. I can't match the price of big retailers but I can ship them with a ukes with alex sticker and my personal recommendation.

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