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If you have hit the wall with your ukulele playing or just want to breathe some new life and melody into your existing repertoire then I am confident our courses could help you.

Over 60 minutes we run through 7 different pieces, 12 different ways. Whether you want to take ‘baby steps’, master an ‘arpeggio’, ‘find a walking bass line’ or just learn different methods of producing counter ryhthms on the ukulele - the UKESWITH.COM courses will be a worthy partner for you. 

Many of the lessons were developed from one to one teaching exercises I have used in the past and with enough practice, maybe you can master the final showpieces.  For now though, please enjoy a lesson taken directly from the courses where we look at developing some new techniques.

Why £35? - Having taught and dealt with the teaching profession throughout my career; it is becoming commonplace for an experienced teacher to charge £30-40 an hour. By providing you with an action packed one hour lesson covering multiple modules and exercises; there is potentially months and months of repeatable lessons at your finger tips from each course. All for the price of a single face to face lesson.

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Free Taster Lessons

Free Taster Lessons

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Full Courses


Fingerstyle Ukulele (Low G) Course

Fingerstyle melody & getting the most out of Low G...


Baritone Course

Mastering DGBE in a GCEA world...

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